To the Black Yeast Community.

April 20-212015

meeting of the ISHAM working groups on Black Yeasts and Chromoblastomycosis

Genomics of Neglected Pathogens

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 20-21 April, 2015


As a Satellite of the CBS Spring Symposium Week, a workshop Genomics of Neglected Pathogens will be organized in Utrecht, The Netherlands, 20-21 April, 2015. The workshop will be held at the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre.

Genomes of several opportunists with fascinating natural ecologies have recently become available, and interpretation of this material and phylogenomic comparison has become overdue. The data have reached a state where we may begin to understand the evolution of virulence factors and other essential traits. The program will contain presentations on Coccidioides, Sporothrix, Madurella, black yeasts, and other significant but frequently overlooked fungi, and there will be an outlook on new methodologies such as proteomics. We have an agreement with the journal Studies in Mycology to publish a selection of papers in one of the issues of 2016 (with online pre-publication). The meeting can be used to exchange and discuss results and methodologies within and between the consortia, and also agree on the division of tasks for writing the multi-authored papers for Stud Mycol and elsewhere.

No fee will be charged for this workshop, and local facilities will be free of charge. 
Registration is compulsory. With no-show, a fee of € 100,- will be charged.

The Organisers,
On behalf of the ISHAM Working Group Black yeasts,

Sybren de Hoog & Benjamin Stielow



November 29-12013

Fifth meeting working groups
The black fungi around us - harm and benefit
Guangzhou, China