To the Black Yeast Community.

April 20-212015

meeting of the ISHAM working groups on Black Yeasts and Chromoblastomycosis

Genomics of Neglected Pathogens

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 20-21 April, 2015


As a Satellite of the CBS Spring Symposium Week, a workshop Genomics of Neglected Pathogens was organised at the CBS-KNAW Fungal Biodiversity Centre on 20-21 April, 2015. With close to seventy participants, human pathogens and opportunists like Coccidioides, Sporothrix, black yeasts, and other significant but frequently overlooked fungi were put in the spotlight. Genomes of several opportunists often with fascinating natural ecologies have recently become available or will be sequenced in near future. Joint initiatives were started as outcome of the workshop to analyse these data. A selection of papers from these initiatives has been agreed upon to be published in journals like Studies in Mycology, PLoS Genetics and others. The workshop was organized by Sybren de Hoog, Benjamin Stielow, Anne van Diepeningen, and Bert Gerrits van den Ende. We thank the sponsors of this workshop ISHAM, ECMM, Astellas and Elsevier.

The Organisers,
On behalf of the ISHAM Working Group Black yeasts,
Sybren de Hoog, Anne van Diepeningen & Benjamin Stielow


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November 29-12013

Fifth meeting working groups
The black fungi around us - harm and benefit
Guangzhou, China