February, 15th 2012

Dear Friends, The entire Black Yeast Workshop held in Curitiba, Brazil, last December has been filmed and is now available on YouTube! Click here and watch any part you wish. A short report of the meeting and many of the presentations can be found here.

The next, short Black Yeast meeting will take place as a symposium at the ISHAM Congress in Berlin, on Tuesday, 12 June, 2012, see here. This congress will be a great event and is highly recommended for anyone working in medical or veterinary mycology, or in environmental issues linked to human health. You still have one day to register here at early bird tariff. Participants are recommended first to become ISHAM member and then register, because this saves you a lot of money as well, see here.

We are also happy to announce that there will be a special issue on black yeasts of the journal Mycopathologia. This is not directly linked to any of our Workshops, nor to clinical mycology; all types of manuscripts may be submitted. Editors of this volume are Sybren de Hoog, Anna Gorbushina, Vania Vicente and Nina Gunde-Cimerman. At this moment we have a list of 12 potential papers. If you wish to contribute, please contact any of the editors before 1 March, 2012. Submission deadline is 1 October, 2012. We expect to be able to publish the volume as the first issue of 2013.